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Social Media Marketing Tool Iconosquare Reviews :5 Reasons Iconosquare Is Worth Your Time.

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What is Iconosquare?

Instagram has been the new social media sensation compared to the other popular social media sites. You can perform your following through just images and videos. To help measure the fan following and to expand your follower range through Instagram, you will require an efficient analytics software such as Iconosquare.  
The software started services back in 2011 with the name of Statigram. At the moment, it has more than 10 million members who are using the services across the globe. Business Agencies, Individuals and top companies around the world have taken services from Iconosquare.
Celebrities, in particular, have been too fond of this software and you will find some of the top social media celebrities and musicians from the US and other parts of the world registered at Iconosquare. It just analyzes one social media i.e. Instagram but makes sure that you are getting the best results for your business.

Overview of Iconosquare Benefits

Management, Analysis, and Engagement are three things you get with Iconosquare. You can manage your Instagram posts through advance scheduling. Draft your posts and let Iconosquare post them when you want them to be posted.
You receive notifications at the time of posting so that you know what your followers are looking at on your profile. Customized Instagram feeds allow you to follow certain hashtags and groups. You can even search for hashtags and users.
Run Instagram video and photo contests with ease. All you have to do is pick any three hashtags of your choice. Iconosquare will collect the photos and videos in a gallery. It lets you focus on other jobs by saving time.
Comment tracking is also available. It tracks as many as 30 media comments and lets you respond to them. You can mark them as read, reply to each of them individually and delete the inappropriate comments from some outspoken followers.
Customizable landing pages let you design your pages in accordance with your brand. You can set themes, change colors pictures and info-graphics the way you like. With more than 20 different languages, you can address your followers worldwide.
Find out the most influential followers and segment them accordingly. It’s a great marketing tool that lets you find out who is following you back.

Uncover the secrets in your social media analytics

Looking for a Iconosquare review?

I am used Iconosquare to review metrics from the content I post on Instagram in feed and Instagram stories. It is also helpful for me to not only review content metrics, but see the progression of our follower counts, engagement rates, and overall web conversions.
  • Simple and easy interface to navigate
  • Engagement rates, engagement metrics
  • Follower Growth and Trends
  • Provides in-depth analytics on engagement.
  • Provides in-depth analytics on consistencies among your follower base.
  • Provides insight into ways to grow your followership and refine your content.
  • Improve your performance by optimizing your content.
  • Recommendation from a non-techy person

  • Cons
  • Only accesses Facebook and Instagram analytics - no other platforms
  • Does not separate paid and organic metrics
  • A lot of features you need to pay extra for
  • Iconosquare's service should be cheaper. I know lots of organizations who could benefit from using the tool, but it's just not within budget for them.

A must have if you're serious about marketing 

How Much Does Iconosquare Cost?

Also, Their Are Paid Plans Available 

Start your FREE TRIAL today and leverage Iconosquare’s industry-leading analytics and tools to grow your business on Instagram and Facebook.

Overall: It has helped us tremendously with understanding our social media account, finding good times to post, and discovering new hashtags and which hashtags were working and which weren't. Iconosquare helped me in finding influencers across the globe, thus aiding my marketing efforts and letting me leverage Instagram's true potential.
5 Reasons Iconosquare  Is Worth Your Time.


For your business account, you may already have a strategy in place for what you post. But what do your followers like the best of the images you post? Iconosquare informs you of what your followers enjoy the best on your account, which allows you to make decisions on what type of posts you should continue to schedule.


Iconosquare gives you the option of using the program on desktop and through the app. While it is valuable to have a program you can pull up on your desktop as you track analytics and work on your strategy, having a mobile app gives you the benefits of flexibility and quick responses.


If you want to maximize your account and encourage interaction from followers, you also need to interact with your audience. The more you interact with your followers, the easier it will be for you to create connections and meet clients for your business. 


Another way for you to see what your followers like best on your account is to find out what posts help you gain followers, or which posts may contribute to the loss some followers (which happens to everyone!). Iconosquare gives you insight into when you lose or gain followers in relation to what you post. This is really helpful for you and your strategy.


Even when you have a strategic plan in place for your account, not every post may be your most popular (which is okay!). Because Instagram can be a crucial part of your social media strategy, it is necessary for you to stay informed on what works best for your account. Iconosquare allows you to monitor your posts on a daily basis, so you know what works right away. You can also keep track of other photographers and what trends are most popular for them.

 I loved how it made my analytics easier, and I love free features on their website, it lets you search for brands and influencer!.
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