PUBG Upcoming (0.6.1, 0.7.0) Update Patch Notes [English]

Tencent and PUBG Corp. have rolled out a new update for the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. 

First Upcoming Update 0.6.1(15-20 jun)

1)Added first person perspective gameplay mode, which is one of the classic modes, with independent segment system

2, new addictive matchplay, 100 player games, and regional reduction, more abundant drops, more intense and exciting battles.

3, entertainment model increase 20 desert maps [new system]

4, new arms inventory system: you can view the firearms information in the Armory Library

5, the new glass system: building windows add 20 glass, turning windows need to be cautious

Addition of pistol system: new pistol position in the battle interface, new pistol bar
7 in backpack interface, and material center online. Decomposition and repeated fashion will no longer generate silver pieces, instead, costume coins will be generated. Costume coins can be used to purchase materials in the center. The package, existing inventory of silver pieces can also be decomposed into costume currency

[New Features]

8, new melee weapons can be used to detonate vehicle tire features

9, a new shielded single teammate voice function

10, operation settings to increase the distance to get off, teammates and other custom buttons

11, shortcut information increased by 20 punctuation features, players can mark the scene in the material information, there is a dangerous place, etc.

12, add a local save custom interface and sensitivity data function

13, New quality square countdown with 5 seconds remaining sounds

14, new sound effects when eating chickens and non-chickens in the finals,

15 new background sounds, wave sounds at the seaside, and more Multi-background sounds wait for the players to find

16, add a new segment protection mechanism, and when the segment protection
the mechanism is triggered, the game will be played in the settlement.

[Other Optimizations]

17, Legion System Optimization: Legion Tasks and Special Training Conditions to Support Entertainment Mode, Legion Daily Tasks, Daily Active, Special Training Refresh Time Modified Every Day 5 points, synchronized with daily tasks, legion channel support team recruitment, etc.

18, optimization of the apprenticeship system, establishment of the master-apprentice relationship with master apprentices, the direct establishment of game friends

19, optimization of action after throwing objects and adjustment of grenades and smoke bomb smoke effects

20, Optimize the interface performance of activity center and other system-level activities

Second Upcoming Update 0.7.1(10-2July)

1. new arcade mode: Added a stimulus matchup mode. The gameplay is the same as the classic mode. t is also 100 players entering the game. However,the scope of the opening poison
circle is even smaller (4X4), and more abundant material can be picked up. The player's density suddenly increases.

2. Armory Library: the new Armory Library has prepared a full­ scale military inventory for the players! The Armory Library shows all the firearms and melee weapon models and their attributes in the game. The players can also view the weapon properties in different configurations by adjusting the weapon accessories in the arsenal.
3. mute specific players: n squad mode you can mute annoying or toxic players

4. quick information tag: (unknown)

5. More custom buttons: Added new buttons such as get off the wheel to better meet the preferences of more players. players can be more free with The arrangement of buttons

6. First Person Mode: The players can use the first-person perspective to play the game from a subjective perspective. They can experience the visual impact of the game in an immersive manner.

7. Added Glass to buildings: The new version finally adds glass to the windows of the building! The glass can be broken by firearms, melee attacks,and grenades. t will give out real broken sound when the glass breaks. The tactical requirements for the room to come out have been raised to a higher level.
8. Added 3rd weapon option for pistols: f the players main and auxiliary weapons bullets are empty, they can immediately switch to the pistol to beat the enemy.

9. Added new clothes: a number of low-key luxury, high-end atmosphere costumes have been added.

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